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What are the products Tectake Provides?

Tectake Products

Automotive- it included car accessories like tools, Tyre storage, and other Tectake car accessories. Automative also includes your bike tools and accessories, painting spray guns, polishing products, and other Tectake automotive products.

Tectake Kids- buy the Tectake kids items for their room, kid’s toys, and Travel items. Such as kids’ furniture, pushchairs, sandboxes, ball pit, blackboard, high-chairs, and others.

Bathroom & Home Technology- Tectake includes the bathroom and home technology-related products like LED light, electrical appliances. Shower shelves, panels, etc.

Garden & Workshop- Get the rattan garden furniture, workshop & tools, plant supplies, facades, door, window, BBQ, and others.

Leisure & Wellness- Tectake sells beauty, fitness, massage, travel cases & bags, Camping items, and also for your hobbies products.

Pets- Do you Love Pets? If you love pets like dogs, cats, birds then you also care for them. Tectake sells the cage, dog beds, puppy pen, cat scratching posts, and more.

Households- Buy the office items like chairs, and other, textiles, living room, bedroom, storage items are included in the Tectake households.

1)   Shop Tectake Automotive

Tectake includes many different Tectake automotive products. The quality of all the tools, accessories, and other automotive products is good. You can trust the quality and material of Tectake car accessories, bike accessories, painting accessories, and polishing accessories.

  • Car armrest
  • Polishing machine rotary handle 1500W
  • Polisher set dual-action 710W
  • Top box for motorcycle approx. 48 L
  • Dual-action polisher K7250
  • Dual-action polisher set 710W
  • Bearing puller set-12pcs
  • Dual-action polisher K7250B
  • Oil Pump
  • Top box for motorcycle approx. 22 liters.
  • 3 HVPL paint spray guns (0.8+1.3+1.7mm)+case
  • 3 HVPL paint spray guns (0.8+1.3+1.7mm)+case+microfiber cloths
  • Polishing sponge set 150 mm incl. support disc 6 PCs.
  • Universal steering wheel puller set

Car armrest universal at €22.99 & get a Tectake.co.uk Discount Code on it purchases

Tectake Car Armrest Universal

Tectake provides this comfortable car armrest for your car. It has a feature of storage also where you can store your small items such as keys, mobile, car documents. The armrest is padded that gives comfy to your arms. If you want to get a discount on a purchase uses the Tectake Coupon Code to save money. Tectake car armrest available in Toyota Yaris, ford focus, universal, Skoda Fabia MK1, and others.

Dual-action polisher set 710W 3 pc. Set at €66.99

Dual-Action Polisher Set 710W

Get this dual-action polisher manufactured by Tectake. It works to remove scratches, waxing, polishing, and high gloss sealing. This is easy to use and light-weighted, you will 2 replacement carbon brushes and spanner. Buy this polisher for your workshop that available in 17 pcs, 26 pcs, 29 pcs, and 3 pcs set.

Tectake Oil Pump at €27.99

tectake Oil Pump

Buy this handy and super easy to oil the pump with this Tectake oil pump. It includes a powerful 60-watt motor, battery clamps, long power cord, 12-volt power supply via car battery. The product will deliver to you in 3-5 working days and the shipping is free, also a wide range of payment methods.

2)    Shop Tectake Kids

You can buy kids’ toys, kids’ rooms items, and travel products such as stroller, travel cot for children.

Tectake Kids room items are:-

  • Kids table and chairs set Alice
  • Kids desk with drawer
  • Kid’s picnic table with umbrella
  • Playpen Tommy junior
  • High chair with wheel
  • High chair feeding chair
  • Bed guard
  • Kid’s desk+filing cabinet

Tectake Kids Toys are:

  • Scooter foldable
  • Play tent with 20 balls pop up tent
  • Sandpit with adjustable roof
  • Play tent with tunnel+200 balls pop up tent
  • Play tent with 100 balls for kids
  • Go-kart with 2 seats
  • Toy kitchen

Tectake Travel products are:-

  • Footmuff with thermal insulation
  • Stroller with 3 wheels
  • Car seat cover 46×85 cm
  • Booster seat 9-36 kg, height adjustable, incl. extra padding
  • Travel cot elephant with changing mat and play bar

Kids table and chairs set Alice

Kids Table & Chairs Set Alice

This Tectake sets for your kids include 2 chairs and a table. Get this Tectake kids table and chairs set Alice, it is perfect for study, play, craft, and more. The design is simple and elegant and you also combined with your existing furniture. Use the Tectake Discount Code to get a discount on purchasing kid’s furniture. The dimension of the table is 60x50x48 cm and the dimension of the chair is 25.5x25x55 cm.

Tectake Large Play Tent with Tunnel + 200 balls for kids colorful

Large Play Tent with Tunnel + 200 Balls for Kids Colourful

Buy this large play tent that comes with 200 balls and let your kids enjoy. It is a 3 pieces tent that can be set easily in a minute. Get this toy that is safe for your children and can play with their friends in the house. This is space-saving that is easy to clean by using the cloth. Tectake large play tent with tunnel + 200 balls for kids colorful is suitable for above of 3 age.

Save your Money by Tectake Discount voucher on Travel Cot for children coffee

Travel Cot for children

Get this travel cot for children for spending the holiday. This is available in four different colors that are pink, blue, coffee, and beige. You can easily set up the Tectake travel cot anywhere. This will come in a travel bag so that you can fold and store in it.  Buy this using Tectake Discount Voucher UK to save your bucks on buying this Tectake Travel Cot for Children.

3)    Tectake Leisure and Wellness

It includes different varieties of Tectake leisure and wellness products. Buy beauty & health, camping, hobbies, massage, fitness, and bags.

Beauty & Health from Tectake

  • Makeup mirror
  • Vanity case with wheels
  • Vanity case with 4 compartments
  • Vanity case with 4 levels
  • Vanity case with 3 levels

Up to 34% Off Tectake Vanity Case with Three Levels

Vanity Case with Three Levels

This tectake vanity case with three levels comes in three different colors are black, silver, and pink. Here, is the discount that is up to 34% off on purchasing of TecTake vanity case with three levels. Use coupon code tectake to get discounts & offers on TecTake. You can use this vanity case to put your makeup items, sewing tools, and others. It includes three levels to keep your cosmetic products, and others will safe & secure in them. This is light-weighted which is easy to carry anywhere and to store the items. The inner surface is lined up with velvet and 6  lockable latches, 4 keys. The material used in making the vanity case is aluminum, velvet, metal, and plastic.

Tectake Camping from Tectake

Tectake has brought camping items to enjoy outdoor activities. Get the Tectake camping included chairs, tents, tables, kitchen camping at affordable prices.

  • Camping kitchen
  • Camping chairs
  • Camping tables
  • Camping beds
  • Tents

Shop the Tectake cheap 6 man tent

tectake 6 Man Tent Deals

Enjoy your holidays and spent time with your friends or family. This is a perfect tent for up to 6 adults can sleep comfortably because it has large and enough space. The price of this tent is €99.99 and the shipping is free, the product delivers to you in 3-5 working days.


  • The entrance is like a roof covered
  • Best for 6 adults
  • There are 4 windows for ventilation
  • 100% polyester material
  • You can carry it easily that comes in a bag
  • It is available in blue/yellow, grey/blue, and beige/grey color options

Tectake hobbies Products

Tectake has built the products to fulfill the requirement of all of your hobbies essential.

  • Human skeleton
  • Bike rack
  • Human skeleton and muscle painting
  • Bike stand
  • Phone holder for bike
  • Photography lighting studio set
  • Bike repair stand with tool tray
  • Bike bag water repellent
  • Photography lighting + softbox model 2

Phone holder for bike black/grey/blue 18×8.5×8.5 cm at 16.99

Phone Holder for Bike Offers

Get this phone holder and tack it in your bike or bicycle on the handle of the bike. If you are a bike rider and spend most of your time on the bike then it is a useful item for you. Carry your small and important accessories in this phone holder.


  • It includes an audio extension table
  • Safe & protective transparent surface
  • Protected headphone jack
  • Easy to attach with bike
  • Water repellent polyester material
  • Additional tensioning rope & high-quality Velcro fastener
  • Protective mobile phone touch display can be operated

Tectake Massage Products

tectake Massage Products Deal

Do you have your massage studio? Or want to set up your studio. If yes, then tectake provides all related products of massage. At affordable prices such as massage tables, massage mats, and massage accessories.

  • Stool+bolsters
  • Acupressure mat
  • Bolster set
  • Massage table 2-zone aluminum, padding+bag
  • Massage chair made of artificial leather
  • Massage table oval with 5 cm padding+rolls
  • Shiatsu massage mattress
  • Headrest made of aluminum for massage tables
  • Massage table 4-zone + bag Kim
  • Bolster half roll
  • Bolster set
  • Bolster full roll
  • Massage table 2-zone 7.5 cm padding + rolls + bags
  • Massage table 3-zone Daniel, padding + bag

4)     Tectake Garden & Workshop

Get the Tectake garden and workshop products in your house to make it more beautiful. If you have a workshop then you will require workshop essential products.

Tectake Discount Code

  • Rattan garden furniture
  • Garden supplies
  • Garden furniture
  • BBQ
  • Workshop & tools
  • Facades, doors & windows

Tectake Rattan Garden Furniture

Buy the rattan garden furniture includes lounge set, chair set, rattan lounger, rattan chairs, and other rattan furniture.

  • Reclining garden chair with footrest
  • Sunlounger Sofia rattan
  • Sun Lounger Delphine rattan
  • Footstool rattan
  • Rattan sofa Corfu
  • Rattan sofa Crete
  • Hanging chair with round frame rattan
  • 4 garden chairs rattan+ 4 seat covers model 2
  • Rattan chair Saint Tropez
  • Rattan garden furniture set Munich
  • 4 garden chairs luxury rattan+cushions

Reclining garden chair with footrest brown

Reclining garden chair with footrest brown

This chair is comfortable and you can take relaxing on a reclining garden chair with a footrest brown. The look of this chair is poly rattan that looks attractive in your outside garden. Not only for garden but also can use for indoor, material is weather-resistant, and the frame is aluminum. It is an armrest and available in black, brown, and grey color.

Tectake Facades, Doors & Windows- door handle set stainless steel

Door Handle Set Stainless Steel

The material used for making the door handle is brushed stainless steel. The shape of this handle is L shaped that is easy to open and close the door. It is for the door’s thickness up to 30-35 mm. you will get 2 stainless steel door handles, 2 square spindles, 2 door escutcheons.

Doormat with frame 40 x 60 cm   TecTake Doormat Coupon Code

Get this quality Tectake doormat with an aluminum frame that absorbs dirt, mud, snow from shoes. It is a heavy-duty boot scraper feature that is a coarse, black, grey hair surface. Doormat available in 40 x 60 cm and 60 x 80 cm sizes.

5)     Tectake Bathroom & Home Technology

Tectake presents all the home essentials such as electrical products & bathroom essentials for you. There are high-quality home electronics and bathroom accessories for all your need at affordable prices. If you want to get your euro saves then use the Tectake Coupon UK to get a discount on your purchases.  It includes bathroom, lighting, heaters, appliances, and fireplace products offer by Tectake.

Get any bathroom essentials:-

  • Shower shelves
  • Shower screens
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Toilet accessories
  • Shower Heads
  • Shower Drains
  • Faucets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Shower wall panels

Tectake Faucet Square

Faucet Square Deals

Get this single-handed with the square timeless design of the Tectake faucet. This is made by using brass and chrome surfaces. When you will receive this you will get two hoses connected to install this Tectake faucet square. Weight is 1 kg, the pressure is 3-10  bar, and the total dimension is 135 x 40 x 210 mm.

Buy Ice Maker for clear ice cubes using Tectake Discount Coupon

Ice Maker for Clear Ice Cubes

The ice maker is a basic need that is required in your home, offices, restaurants & bar. You can place & easy to use anywhere  & buy using Tectake First Order Discount Coupon on its purchases. It has made 24 ice cubes during 1 cycle in 15-30 minutes. It automatically tells you by an alarm when it gets freezes.

3 LED candles with changing colors

3 LED Candles with Changing Colors

Get this color-changing candle in your home to get a relaxed & colorful environment. You will get a remote control panel and switch on & off by the control panel’s bottom. It has 12 color variations, 2 timer settings, candle made of real wax. There is no risk of burning & it is best for dinner and parties.

6)     Pets from Tectake

Do you love pets cats, dogs, or birds? If yes then Tectake has brought products for your pet’s care.

Pets from tectake

  • Double dog crate bobby
  • Charly cat tree
  • Bird Cage 168 cm high
  • Rabbit run with a covered section
  • Cat tree Mitzi
  • Puppy playpen 8 corner
  • XXL hutch for small animals
  • Rabbit run with the safety net
  • Dog ramp for car
  • Dog bed made of polyester
  • Cat tree Duki
  • Dog bed Foxi made of polyester
  • Dog bed dreamer

7)     Tectake Household

tectake HouseHolds Product Offers

Tectake sells all of the household essential items for your need.

  • Storage &  Order – shoe racks, waste bins, cloth racks, laundry baskets, etc.
  • Office – gaming chairs, office chairs, desks, monitor stands, ergonomic chairs, etc.
  • Living rooms – dining chairs, bar stools, armchairs, storage bench, ottomans, and others.
  • Bedroom – dressing tables, jewelry boxes, laptop desks, beds, bedroom accessories.
  • TV & Projector accessories – projector screen, TV wall mount, projector mounts.
  • Textiles – bedding products, blankets, blinds & curtains, body pillows.
  • Kitchen – kitchen taps, drink dispenser, kitchen accessories, pots & pans, kitchen utensils.

Tectake Terms & Conditions

tectake Terms & Conditions

If you want to purchase any Tectake item then for delivery provide your name, billing, address. It is the option if you do not want to register yourself but as a guest user, you can do this. The seller delivers your product in nice packing so that you receive a safe product. But if you are not satisfied then you can get a full refund from the Tectake. An easy return also available if you receive defective items without any extra charges. Contact via e-mail or phone call to ask any query or to return your product to the TecTake team. Your product will deliver to you in 3-5 working days and the shipping is free.

How to save money on Purchases of Tectake items by Using the “Tectake Vouchers”?

tectake.co.uk Discount Code

It is simple to get a discount on purchasing any Tectake product. It will do when you come to the step of your payment. You need to enter the Tectake Coupon Code in the code asking to you. Then click on the apply coupon to get a discount and save your money. Tectake do fulfill all the need that is essential & must-have in your home, for your hobbies, offices, room, kitchen, and bathroom.